Deep Chordic Techno Mix – That DJ

A 70 Minute mix of some of my favourite techno tracks aligned into industrial electronic sounds and a deep chord based concession. Drawing on releases from the past five years, this is a refined soundscape of mechanised synthetic irregularities underpinned by some powerful late night club rhythms. 

Track listing:

1. Ashtray Wasp – Burial
2. Last Track – Till Kruger
3. Wanna Bath (John Tejada Remix) – Erdal Mauff
4. Mugen – Nicolas Masseyeff
5. Chordate – Elon, Maceo Plex
6. Move (Original Mix) – Rills
7. Voyage – Dana Ruh & Andre Galluzzi
8. Such a Dreamer – Luca Bacchetti
9. Fade Away – Nico Purman
10. Spanish Fly ( Butch Remix) – 2000 and One
11. Mixmeister 88 – Bicep
12. House 19 – Tucillo
13. Out of Order – Lee Burridge And Matthew Dekay
14. Conquistador – Shonky
15. Shoyu – Mendo & Yvan Genkins
16. Transformation – Tobi Neumann & Matthew Styles




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Until the End of It

Till The End Of… – Anthony Middleton
Relaxed, raw and heavy. Anthony (One half of Audiofly) uses vocal samples to great effect here as he plays with the bassline, achieving a brilliant atmosphere fit for deep summer nights or fresh winter mornings.

Into The Light (Hot Natured Remix) – Alexis Raphael
Like many, I'm tired of the HN sound, however this was getting played early 2011 & still sounds strong. Restrained and stripped back to the bassline, the groove is spliced with vocal snippets, shards of FX and murky synth stabs which all lead up to a poignant crowd-moving drop.

Horizontal – Rills
Rills has been sculpting his sound of metal beats and groovey electronic melody somewhat reflecting its foundation in the motor city town of Turin. Double digit tracks pouring out on Nick Curlys Mannheim label, Rills is someone we are monitoring closely.


All Along the Watchtower (Rayko Edit) – Barbara Keith
Loving this long trail of cover/edits of one of Bob Dylans greatest hits. No doubt familiar for Hendrix fans as well, the spell binding lyrics are worked into a laid back framework with a bottom end bump with revitilised plays from Move D.

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Smoke and Camera’s

Freedom of my Heart (Alex Niggemann Remix) – Alex Flatner & Lopazz
A bullish edit which takes the track to full-throttle. With a great brooding synth underpinning the track, there is a sense of drive and direction as the dynamics open up. Vocals seem to fit better than with the original; nestling in snugly under the vibrant grooves and percussive snips 

Wonder & Amazement (Deetron Vocal) – Grand Corporation
The vocal feels like that of the kind of quintessential house you don't hear all too often these days – soulful, uplifting but not over-done. Dixon takes the classic feel the works in into a futuristic groove still drawing on the percussions big rim-shots and drums together with classic 808 sounding beat.

Blacklight Sleaze (Alex Arnout Remix) – Peace Division
A bass driven remix of one of highest profile releases of Peace Division memorable for the sexy and hypnotic vocals. The track is spiced up by a heavy pulsating bass setting the tone for the sleziest of darkrooms subdued with electrical tension. 

As We Are (Rich Nxt Rendition) – Enzo Siragusa
Siragusa is a self-made man in terms of music, having musically guided the weekly Fuse parties in London to unquestionable success. The distinct sound; Sleek, deep, punched, modern tech house,  is reflected well through this release. Low-slug, chordic, creeping & eerie throughout, I think it captures the Sunday vibe that has become so familiar. 

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So Will Be Now

Discover Feat Valldeneu (Ian ODonovan Remix) – Triumph
‘Discover’ is an anthem in the making, featuring a unique sax performance from Valldeneu, that is a monumental release for Rebirth. A deep tech track, of building emotions, monochronic melodies and uplifting chords with undoubtable 'Man with the Red Face' feel, it is no surprise Laurent Garnier has been pioneering this track all year. 

So Will Be Now feat. Pional – John Talabot
The Madrid-based producer borrows bits of “Just My Imagination” creating a engrossing and absorbing deep house track out built on a vocal sample which will swirl around in your head for hours. It stands out against the piles of generic deep house tracks as is slick and danceable with a woozy bassline and dreamy synths. 

Black Man – Sascha Dive
For the past few years, Dive has been a go-to producer for stripped down, US house-inspired tracks, many of which contributed to the deep house resurgence at the end of the last decade. This minimal techno fused track of his debut album 'Restless Nights' still stands out for me. 

Raining Again  - Betoko
With its 58th release, Diynamic presents a three track Various Artists EP of floor fillers demonstrating its promising vision. Coming from up north, this one of my favourites due to its highly relevant hook which is supported by dramatic organs and a strong bouncy bassline. 

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Dont Stop…. Continue


Black Scenario (That DJ Edit) – Ben Klock, Bolivar, Dettman, Cerrone
Edit of several over-laid techno tracks adding, merging, mixing hats, baselines, snare percussions and progressive dubby synths. Dark atmospheric later night assimilation which subtly evolves across the course with elements moving in and out of the equation.

Don't Stop, Continue – Troy Pierce
After fifteen solid releases, breakthrough label Items & Things has a proven record of speed and precision in their ability to charge into the cutting edge electronic music market. Variables, the first collective compilation is full of fresh tracks bearing unique and funky musical traits unearthing the producers' personalities. This is one of my favourites from from the label owning Trio. 

Pure Visions – Michael Nielebock 
Apparently this track came after Range Rover celebrated it's new Evoque model by creating a special contest for music producers. Treibstoff founder Marcel Janovsky and Gabriel Ananda were invited as jurors for the event. Michael Nielebock of Berlin was the chosen winner with his track titled "Pure Vision". Techno in the 4×4 Wilderness?

Pumpin Lemma – Two EM
Snorky beats here and crunchy drums there, melodies are driven by a deep minimal bassline with an industrial apocalyptic atmosphere. It could only be the German touch to create an electronic obscurity like this.


This is a 80 minute live set from Max Cooper which was designed for Dour Festival in Belgium. There is an abundance of new productions which are yet to be released, including the first preview of the Michael Nyman edit and his next EP on Bodzin's Herzblut label. This mix is a technical soundscape which wanders across different structured atmospheres.

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Techno Traxx

Undercover – Marc Houle
Jacking drums sit alongside clinical robot voices, the break of the track melts down to a chip tune melody straight out of a vintage Sega game, followed by that ever present archetypal Houle bassline. It’s a track which in parts is a retro Chi-Town house modernised into a sweaty dance floor work out for the creepier moments in the club world.

Carrier Wave – Patrick Siech & Gustav Sllcher
These two artists come together for Truesoul's latest exploration into the deeper realms of techno. Carrier Wave is a hypnotic soundscape with a deep space elasticity of a haunting, glitchy14 MHz groove topped off with cavernous sounding delayed chords.

Love and Hate (Cari Lekebusch Remix V2) – Octave One
430 west celebrates 20 years with two killer remixes of octave one with with Swedish Techno don Cari Lekebusch who turns in a peak time groover that stays true to the original.

Bare – Rodriguez Jr
This is closing track to the highly acclaimed debut album 'Bittersweet', a hybrid of techno, melancholy dub and hands down hedonistic music, exploring across a range of textures and moods. This 'Burial-esque' track brings back the tempo for a poignant and conciliating finish.


Richie Hawtin 'New Horizons' at Village Underground, London
A textbook all out sculptured mix of dark room techno


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I Wanna Go Back (Featuring Blake Baxter) (Original Mix) – Ben Sims
Having developed an impeccable reputation, Sims is not doubt a legend in the world of techno. The emphatic drive of this huge sounding thumper takes things back to his home territory with the addition of rhythmic trumpets and tasty detroit vocals. 

Pitched to the Max (Sasha Carassi Remix)  - Tom Hades
Sasha Carassi takes this tune down an industrial subliminal route, Carefully letting off shuffling snare and attacking hats to guide through the darkness whilst using trademarked atmospherics to create his renowned, ominous hard vibe.

From Within – Johannes Heil
This landmark label release harks back to Johannes anthems of the nineties with fluctuation melodic patterns, atmospheric strings and constant 4 on 4 kicks.


Slow Dance – Heartthrob
New Yorker-turned-Parisian-turned-Berliner Jesse Siminski is producing some of the more accessible side of the Minus label whilst staying true to things deep dark and minimal.

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In My Life

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In My Life – AFMB
A follow up release to 'Back Up Days', Bernd Kunz has put out another classic vocal house music reminiscent of many early chicago house producers. "In My Life" will have that dancefloor full and then some, the energy of the track is amazing, without ever opting for the easy-cheesy route. This track features talented singer Geraldine Roth, who was recently discovered when singing live at a after hours party in Drumpoet Community's club Zukunft, filtering out and now set to be one of the big summer house staples.

Man or Mistress – Levon Vincent
Hi-hats bounce around like giant sheets of metal before the track locks into a sustained groove, which allows the main hook – an indescribably heavy rave synth line – to be twisted around with unyielding, relentless vigour. Big plays all round, but you can be sure Vath is pumping this one out all summer.

Egoist – Gary Beck
This power track kicks off with a reduced groove and a compact rolling bass drum, evolving in an echoing snare and hi-hat inferno. `Egoist’ is more than just an efficient dance floor weapon, the inventively used subtle vocal samples and sexy groove this track creates a cool which just goes beyond the norm.

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Create Balance

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Disco Pussy (Shaun Reeves & Tale of Us Remix) – Rik Woldring
Deep Acid Techno

Create Balance (Steve Lawler Remix) – Shlomi Aber
Tribal House

L.O.V.E. – Motor City Drum Ensemble
Dub House


The Cutting Edge (Carl Cox & Julika Remix) – Dome Patrol

Arpeggiator Stories (Miss Nine Mix) – Eelke Kleijn

Rock To The Beat – Stefano Noferini
Techy House


Principles – Benoit & Sergio

The Street (Ron Selecto Edit) – Homework
Tech House

1988 – Youandewan
Melodic Chill Out

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Underground Technical House (Mix) – That DJ

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"A 90 minute journey through the dark techno tinged sounds of house, twisted bare grooves, emersive clicks & clacks and scattering snares worked over driving tribal rhythms. After months of careful crafting, the mix delves into and out of underground recognition whilst showcasing an essential selection of collaborations between electronic musics most esteemed artists."


Another World (Marcos Cabral Bay City Remix) – Andy Ash
Egotrippin (Original Mix) – Franck Roger
Keep On (Boris Werner Keeps on Truckin' Mix) – Matthias Tanzmann
Taped and Gorgeous (Nic & Mark Fanciulli Remix) – Shlomi Aber
Woodstock (Luna City Express Wooden Remix) – Mirco Violi & Domy
Talonkikit (Ray Okpara Deeptool Remix) – Sierra Sam
Solaris (Christian Burkhardt Unix Remix) – Martinez
What Your Soul Sings (Paul Ritch Remix) – Luca Bacchetti
Telesto (Martin Buttrich Remix) – Marc Romboy vs. Stephan Bodzin
The Unspoken Word – Reboot
Toscana (Loco Dice Remix) – Mousse T
You Got Me (Emerson Todd Remix) – Thomas Schumacher
The Unspoken Word (Edit) – Reboot
Fizheuer Zieheuer – Ricardo Villalobos
Parish Fair (Reboot's Catch The Bus Remix) – Luna City Express
Williamsburg (Arado & Marco Faraone Remix) – Martinez
Perfect Stranger (Guti Remix) – Phonique
Love Or Leave Me (Johnny's Power To The People Remix) – Johnny D
Doppelwhipper (Rocco Branco & Tobias Becker Remix) – Gabriel Ananda


19 Tracks, 86 Mins, 158 MB

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