Cocoon – Organic Electronics – Sven Vath

Cocoon Club Frankfurt


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A little insight into Sven Vaths Cocoon club in Frankfurt,Germany. Hopefully me and StruanMinimal Barr will be seeing either Richie hawtin, Stephan Bodzin, Villalobos or sven himself, all Djs who have booked residencies at Cocoon this summer.

This club bangs out techno, minimal, micro, tech, macro, gabber or anything else you want to call little sqeaks and bleeps. Organic Electronics on a friday being the prime night for a fusion of micro house and electronica.

Magic M – Lucio Aquilina
Techno track on Cocoon Records that breaks into a Blissfull haze.

Bodzin & Huntemann – Rubin


Must Download:

Robot (Original Mix) – Audiojack
Not actually a Cocoon record but this is a big Anthem in DC10


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Sensation White

Sensation White

Sensation White In Amsterdam Arena. 6th of July 2008


Sven Vaths “Cocoon Club” in Frankfurt. Sickest Electronic and Minimal in the world.Cant wait.