Smoke and Camera’s

Freedom of my Heart (Alex Niggemann Remix) – Alex Flatner & Lopazz
A bullish edit which takes the track to full-throttle. With a great brooding synth underpinning the track, there is a sense of drive and direction as the dynamics open up. Vocals seem to fit better than with the original; nestling in snugly under the vibrant grooves and percussive snips 

Wonder & Amazement (Deetron Vocal) – Grand Corporation
The vocal feels like that of the kind of quintessential house you don't hear all too often these days – soulful, uplifting but not over-done. Dixon takes the classic feel the works in into a futuristic groove still drawing on the percussions big rim-shots and drums together with classic 808 sounding beat.

Blacklight Sleaze (Alex Arnout Remix) – Peace Division
A bass driven remix of one of highest profile releases of Peace Division memorable for the sexy and hypnotic vocals. The track is spiced up by a heavy pulsating bass setting the tone for the sleziest of darkrooms subdued with electrical tension. 

As We Are (Rich Nxt Rendition) – Enzo Siragusa
Siragusa is a self-made man in terms of music, having musically guided the weekly Fuse parties in London to unquestionable success. The distinct sound; Sleek, deep, punched, modern tech house,  is reflected well through this release. Low-slug, chordic, creeping & eerie throughout, I think it captures the Sunday vibe that has become so familiar. 

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