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Time (Best 92.6 Vocal Edit) – Pachanga Boys
Clocking in at just over 15 minutes, ‘Time’ is a sustained and affective journey. Deep, melancholic, expressly progressive track, built on a harmonious and melancholy array of gently ascending and cascading elements. Inspired by Hans Zimmer, soft vocals chant extrospectively, “lost track of time”, and “time goes by”, perhaps alluding to the asymmetrical and continuous nature of time. More likely they are the words of a satisfied dancer emerging into the daylight after an extended night of revelry. Perfect for sunrises, long drives, and those special bedroom playlists.

The Search is Over – Spirit Catcher
A cross-pollination of spacey disco vibes with slick electrohouse, phased keyboards and huggy bass sounds which hark back to the Funkadelic days. Released in 2007 on a debut on 2020visions, Spirit Catcher are a 80's trip of fusion of cosmic synth squiggles and hooky basslines.

I Care – The Bionics
Found in the remote corners of the internet, this Moodyman-esque bass groove track packs a serious vibe. A slow burning deep houser, this was a result of a short lived studio collaboration project involving Crazy P, Flash Atkins and others. 

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Deep Chordic Techno Mix – That DJ

A 70 Minute mix of some of my favourite techno tracks aligned into industrial electronic sounds and a deep chord based concession. Drawing on releases from the past five years, this is a refined soundscape of mechanised synthetic irregularities underpinned by some powerful late night club rhythms. 

Track listing:

1. Ashtray Wasp – Burial
2. Last Track – Till Kruger
3. Wanna Bath (John Tejada Remix) – Erdal Mauff
4. Mugen – Nicolas Masseyeff
5. Chordate – Elon, Maceo Plex
6. Move (Original Mix) – Rills
7. Voyage – Dana Ruh & Andre Galluzzi
8. Such a Dreamer – Luca Bacchetti
9. Fade Away – Nico Purman
10. Spanish Fly ( Butch Remix) – 2000 and One
11. Mixmeister 88 – Bicep
12. House 19 – Tucillo
13. Out of Order – Lee Burridge And Matthew Dekay
14. Conquistador – Shonky
15. Shoyu – Mendo & Yvan Genkins
16. Transformation – Tobi Neumann & Matthew Styles




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Until the End of It

Till The End Of… – Anthony Middleton
Relaxed, raw and heavy. Anthony (One half of Audiofly) uses vocal samples to great effect here as he plays with the bassline, achieving a brilliant atmosphere fit for deep summer nights or fresh winter mornings.

Into The Light (Hot Natured Remix) – Alexis Raphael
Like many, I'm tired of the HN sound, however this was getting played early 2011 & still sounds strong. Restrained and stripped back to the bassline, the groove is spliced with vocal snippets, shards of FX and murky synth stabs which all lead up to a poignant crowd-moving drop.

Horizontal – Rills
Rills has been sculpting his sound of metal beats and groovey electronic melody somewhat reflecting its foundation in the motor city town of Turin. Double digit tracks pouring out on Nick Curlys Mannheim label, Rills is someone we are monitoring closely.


All Along the Watchtower (Rayko Edit) – Barbara Keith
Loving this long trail of cover/edits of one of Bob Dylans greatest hits. No doubt familiar for Hendrix fans as well, the spell binding lyrics are worked into a laid back framework with a bottom end bump with revitilised plays from Move D.

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Smoke and Camera’s

Freedom of my Heart (Alex Niggemann Remix) – Alex Flatner & Lopazz
A bullish edit which takes the track to full-throttle. With a great brooding synth underpinning the track, there is a sense of drive and direction as the dynamics open up. Vocals seem to fit better than with the original; nestling in snugly under the vibrant grooves and percussive snips 

Wonder & Amazement (Deetron Vocal) – Grand Corporation
The vocal feels like that of the kind of quintessential house you don't hear all too often these days – soulful, uplifting but not over-done. Dixon takes the classic feel the works in into a futuristic groove still drawing on the percussions big rim-shots and drums together with classic 808 sounding beat.

Blacklight Sleaze (Alex Arnout Remix) – Peace Division
A bass driven remix of one of highest profile releases of Peace Division memorable for the sexy and hypnotic vocals. The track is spiced up by a heavy pulsating bass setting the tone for the sleziest of darkrooms subdued with electrical tension. 

As We Are (Rich Nxt Rendition) – Enzo Siragusa
Siragusa is a self-made man in terms of music, having musically guided the weekly Fuse parties in London to unquestionable success. The distinct sound; Sleek, deep, punched, modern tech house,  is reflected well through this release. Low-slug, chordic, creeping & eerie throughout, I think it captures the Sunday vibe that has become so familiar. 

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Seasonal Semantics

A Tribute to Summertime – Shall Ocin
Big track from the back end of summer fusing George Gershwins 1935 track with a spectrum of contemporary electronic sounds. It draws off the harmonised vocal with a cutting organic piano the track embraces the current resurgence of soul music in house, alongside raw shuffling drum programming and a bulbous sub bass-line.

Underground (Raxon Remix) – Nick Curly
‘Underground’ is the lead single from NC's debut artist album ‘Between the Lines’; a deeply personal account that sees a shift focus from the more club-ready tracks to slower, more emotive grooves and musical expressions. Raxon is the bedroom producer winner with this outstanding deep electronic groove edit. Ferrer has given it a good go as well. 

Don't Stop – Siwell & Mihalis Safras
Big room tech house collaboration between an Italian and a Greek. A staple track in the recent Toolroom Records soundtrack, the husked over vocals and snapping snares have been seeing speakers across the globe. 

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Inside 008 | Blond:ish

Originally hatched in Montreal and currently residing in the UK, Anstascia and Vivie-Ann have established themselves internationally by proving that they don't fit the quintessential stereotype. Powered by their sharp taste-maker instincts and technical flair, the girls have not only charmed the industry masses but set themselves to release on some of the most prominent labels around. 

Flash Of Light (Blond:ish Remix) – Luca C & Brigante 

What was the music scene like where you grew up?

Viv: i grew up in stoney creek ontario (not montreal) … hmmmm well it's non-existent? we had to go to neighbouring steel town (aka armpit of canada) hamilton and/or toronto. Hamilton's scene was quite interesting, you had a choice of was radio listening beer drinkers at bars, leather jacket gino's dancing to euro dance and you couldnt leave the club without seeing a fight, OR who could forget the candy raving breakers!

Anstascia: I grew up in vancouver where they used to have tons of secret raves in forests and other random areas, but then the government cracked down on all these parties so subsequently the scene got pretty lame.. most of the regular clubs would play R&b hip hop and salsa etc.. I really started to get into electronic when i moved to montreal. thank god!!

Its Too Late – Blond:ish

• Who's throwing the best parties at the moment? 

Guess you're asking about Montreal, where Anstascia and I lived the past 8 years!! Piknic Electronik is the def best party on an island on a sunday all summer. Piknics, alcohol, sunsets and techno… what more can you ask for.. its a bit weird though lots of people bring their kids in the middle of a rave lol! 

• How would you describe your electronic sound, who are your influences?

It's organic electronica with rock and indie influences, i think our influences encompass the whole of the late 60's, not really one or even a few artists!

Voyeur – Blond:ish 

• Have you got any projects or productions in the pipeline?

Viv: nope none we're retiring lol, its the end of the world in 10 weeks!
Anstascia: we're on southern fried for the remix pack coming out monday for a luca c feat roisin murphy production, it's us and solomun on the pack weeehoo! a couple other productions with collabs with balcazar & sordo, climbers, and a remix for eklektisch …. other than that we're working on our next kompakt ep, then going to wind down to work on our album in the new year. 

• If you could collaborate on a track with anyone, who would it be?

oh wow ok.., Ryan Gosling … yup we said it! 
or the zombies / jefferson airplane / … basically a really long list of bands from the 60s.

In My Head – Blond:ish

• So far what has been your most exciting set you have played and why?

Panorama bar for the obvious reason that it is THE institution for electronic music. massive respect for that place & piknic montreal this summer just before burning man, just because it was hands down best feeling coming home to montreal playing to a crowd of 5000+ of the most energetic / responsive crowd seen to date where any knob you twiddle and move you make the crowd reacts with you like they are puppets or a wave in an ocean… if we see the videos, we still get goosebumps! Last but not least, on the Robot heart bus at burning man under a full blue moon with all of our favorite people, playing for sunrise with our Get physical and burning man family. this is why we do what we do!

Distant Lover – Blond:ish feat. Thomas Gandey

• Have you got any track/artist recommendations for the readers?

Wow yes so many, going to keep it to artists we're into right now. philip bader, nicone, sascha braemer, toby dreher, footprintz, mano le tough, superpitcher & rebolledo, climbers, eric volta, paolo rocco; were positive there are tons missing from this list!

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So Will Be Now

Discover Feat Valldeneu (Ian ODonovan Remix) – Triumph
‘Discover’ is an anthem in the making, featuring a unique sax performance from Valldeneu, that is a monumental release for Rebirth. A deep tech track, of building emotions, monochronic melodies and uplifting chords with undoubtable 'Man with the Red Face' feel, it is no surprise Laurent Garnier has been pioneering this track all year. 

So Will Be Now feat. Pional – John Talabot
The Madrid-based producer borrows bits of “Just My Imagination” creating a engrossing and absorbing deep house track out built on a vocal sample which will swirl around in your head for hours. It stands out against the piles of generic deep house tracks as is slick and danceable with a woozy bassline and dreamy synths. 

Black Man – Sascha Dive
For the past few years, Dive has been a go-to producer for stripped down, US house-inspired tracks, many of which contributed to the deep house resurgence at the end of the last decade. This minimal techno fused track of his debut album 'Restless Nights' still stands out for me. 

Raining Again  - Betoko
With its 58th release, Diynamic presents a three track Various Artists EP of floor fillers demonstrating its promising vision. Coming from up north, this one of my favourites due to its highly relevant hook which is supported by dramatic organs and a strong bouncy bassline. 

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Dont Stop…. Continue


Black Scenario (That DJ Edit) – Ben Klock, Bolivar, Dettman, Cerrone
Edit of several over-laid techno tracks adding, merging, mixing hats, baselines, snare percussions and progressive dubby synths. Dark atmospheric later night assimilation which subtly evolves across the course with elements moving in and out of the equation.

Don't Stop, Continue – Troy Pierce
After fifteen solid releases, breakthrough label Items & Things has a proven record of speed and precision in their ability to charge into the cutting edge electronic music market. Variables, the first collective compilation is full of fresh tracks bearing unique and funky musical traits unearthing the producers' personalities. This is one of my favourites from from the label owning Trio. 

Pure Visions – Michael Nielebock 
Apparently this track came after Range Rover celebrated it's new Evoque model by creating a special contest for music producers. Treibstoff founder Marcel Janovsky and Gabriel Ananda were invited as jurors for the event. Michael Nielebock of Berlin was the chosen winner with his track titled "Pure Vision". Techno in the 4×4 Wilderness?

Pumpin Lemma – Two EM
Snorky beats here and crunchy drums there, melodies are driven by a deep minimal bassline with an industrial apocalyptic atmosphere. It could only be the German touch to create an electronic obscurity like this.


This is a 80 minute live set from Max Cooper which was designed for Dour Festival in Belgium. There is an abundance of new productions which are yet to be released, including the first preview of the Michael Nyman edit and his next EP on Bodzin's Herzblut label. This mix is a technical soundscape which wanders across different structured atmospheres.

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Deep Disco House

Use Me Again – Tom Trago
With a host of DJs re-emerging this track in its newest form, it is only just to revisit the original; a unadulterated disco funk belter with beautiful strings, killer bassline and infectious groove with a sample from Millie Jackson. The C2 edit has subtle changes, with effects and percussive claps thrown into the mix. 

2 Come Back (Miguel Campbell's Club Mix) – Climbers
After debut EP on Culprit 3 months ago, Climbers ascent has been the noted. The young Mexican duo's are starting to put out some ceaseless studio work with an adherence to their musical roots sprinkled with more than a touch of inspiration. Bass heavy edits come from Miguel Cambell and Fur Coat, with the former laced with a trademark groovy disco twang.

Foreign Language (Will Saul & Tam Cooper Remix) – Flight Facilities
The Sydney duo are causing waves in the Australian pop scene and have seen their productions tweaked by a number of cult electronic artists. This second major single has seen the touch of UK artists WS and TC to turn this into a deep house summer anthem reliant on the vocals of Jess Higgs. 

Make Me Feel So Good – LeSale
Strong Disco overtones that hark back to the days of the Garage and the Loft. Minimal piano and vocal loops take nothing away from this gorgeous and purist groove

Crushed Ice (Original Mix) – MAM
Serious slice of summer out on Fina; this track has the good vibes flowing all day long. The fluent beat underneath the light airy sensation given off in this song will have you locked into a mesmerizing disco daze.



4×4 Deep House Spotify Playlist
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Sonar Off | Recap/Review 2012

A fun filled four days in Barcelona for the Sonar Off parties has just lead to a Saturday morning session searching some of the tracks. For many years Sonar festival has been gaining widespread recognition and is now a staple part of the Clubbers calender. More recently the city of Barcelona has been filled by club nights, record labels and international DJs across the week, running one of showcase events in a variety of temporary and permanent venue spaces across the city. Beach bars, hotel rooftops, museums, olympic stadium and even a monastery terrace played host to a range of electronic artists across the week. 

Appollonia Vs Visionquest
Mac Arena Beach Bar

Once – Dan Ghenacia & David Duriez
Arriving as the sun was setting the Mac Arena was filled with 600+ beach revellers huddled around the Beach bar with the Appollonia DJs laying down a range of 4×4 beats. This deep driving atmospheric track blared across the crowd lead by the protrusive snares and puckering groove. 

March (Club Tip Mix) Feat. Franklin Fuentes - The Look
Deep bouncing 1993 classic from Brooklyn/Ibiza DJ legend, Danny Tenaglia producing under one of his aliases. No doubt slipping out for years in his marathon sets, this track was worked through by Shonky as the sun pitched to black. A strong mix of old school knacks, hits, ground breaking freq's; the US vocals still keep this tune close to hand for a host DJs who stay harking back to the early years.

Equilibrio (Original Mix) – Tale Of Us & Visionquest
A deep atmospheric techno dub from the Visionquest crew of Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves and Lee Curtis who have been working wonders across the electronic music scene of late. Laced with escalating piano synths, furturstic melodies and a errie racking high hits this track closed through the tail end of the session as hundreds remained fixed in a spot on by the Mediterranian sea which was complemented the beach side backdrop tampered by a industrial factory looming from behind. 


Wolf + Lamb Experience
Boo Beach Club

Boo Beach club, a boat shaped venue which protruded out into the ocean was host to W+L's first Sonar party which was backed by label associates Slow Hands, Tanner Ross, Soul Clap and Voices of Black. Early sets paved through dreamy lounge sounds and deep disco electronica before merging into a crate digging vinyl showcase of trip hop, deep house, rock and hip hop. Tracks such as Womacks classic 'Teardop' were mixed into Larry Heard, Pepe Bradock and Homework with Nicolas Jaar making an appearance to play his edit of Missy Elliot.

Frequent Flyer feat. Jules Born – Tanner Ross
Tanner Ross followed along the same lounge house dreamy hallucination vein, albeit slightly more uptempo. Featuring vocals by Jules Born, one half of the duo Voices of Black, a variety of 70′s/80′s influenced synths, and a heavy, but groovy bass line, “Flyer” is “sun-soaked electro funk” perfect for riding around with the top down and the system up.

Spyro Evo (Slow Hands Remix) – Chromatic Filters
Downbeat, slo-mo biz number from Chromatic Filters which is out on limited release on Rebirth. Deep electronic acid guitar-tinged track with a backbeat groove chant topped off with leading synths, ska jibes and euphoric reverbed vocals, a staple sound emerging out of Slow Hands live set at Boo Beach Club. 

Love Vibe  (Jimpster Remix) – Iz and Diz
Iz and Diz began making music together in Chicago 1994, recording their first track at the legendary KMS studios in Detroit for the Prescription Records offshoot Balance. Revisiting one of their most notable tracks, Jimpster stears back into house territory with a dreamy, carefully build-up and slowly intensifying version that puts a nice twist on the melancholic piano chords.

Poblo Espanyol

Marseille Desole (Original Mix) – John Daly
Sunday played host the Secretsundaze party in the incredible Montjuic hills looking over Barcelona. The walk through Poblo Espanyol lead to the outdoor courtyard set amongst towering trees and mystical winding pathways of the Spanish town. After the sun had set the party moved inside to the Terrrazza, a large multi-leveled space with raised dj booth and a central structure which dancers took full advantage of climbing all over.



No* 19 Showcase | Social Experiment
Almogavers 86

No19. arrived in Barcelona for their first ever sonar showcase and chosen the brand new Almogavers club with a fully fitted function one sound system to ensure it went off. Following the success of the WMC party, Art Department, Deniz Kurtel, Russ Yallop and Tone of Arc ensured the club stayed open to the early hours with Luca C topping off the show with live vocals from Ali Love

Beautiful World  (Deniz Kurtel Remix) - Amirali
Captivating slice of nu-wave wonky electronic melancholic house with Amirali's gothic vocals quickly being compared to Depeche Mode and Underworld. Deniz Kurtel Bringing down the pace on her set, allowing for plenty of spooky spaciousness, her rework is a master class in progression and sonic texture, effortlessly gliding from futuristic bleeps to funky licks and utilising the melody to devastating effect.

Kiss Jesse On The Dick – Jesse Perez
Out on a mix album from Mr.Nice Guy, "Head, Sex, & Welfare Checks" this stomping track has been sneaking out sets from several of the Rebels. With heavy sampling from the Digital Underground's 1980's hip hop tune 'Kiss You Back' this proven blend will always keep the party pumping.

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